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Instant Issuance Printer

Cardstel Solutions Limited has partnered with NBS Technologies and is please to bring about the truly instant card issuance to Nigeria by adding value to all stakeholders.

With over 20 years of experience, NBS empowers financial institutions and retailers of all sizes to put ready-to-use cards into the customer’s hands instantly. Instant issuance helps you increase activation rates and card usage, while improving customer satisfaction. It also helps reduce costs associated with card pre-printing, inventory management, and mailings. It is also useful for instant identification and access control.

“Cardstel Solutions in partnership with NBS Technologies has brought to the Nigerian Market an instant issuance system that supports mag stripe applications and provides EMV Smart card

Ideal for quickly issuing replacement or new financial transaction cards to customers within 2minutes. This real-time solution to card issuance helps to enhance customer relationships and increase profitability by raising service levels for financial institutions.

The software solution (Xpressi) from NBS supports major card printers, You can combine your existing card printer or your choice of NBS desktop card printers and/or card embossers with the Xpressi software, and you’re good to go!

“This solution is ideal for financial institutions.”